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Disc Replacement Options Explained

Many people ask what are the disc replacement options available?

I created a new video where I explain the different Disc Replacement implant types and your Disc Replacement options.


Disc replacement was invented in the 80s in Germany at the Charite Hospital in Berlin

The first disc replacement implant was the Charite Lumbar Artificial Disc Replacement

Other hard plastic core and all metal disc replacement options were developed over the years.


These early implants had some drawbacks and serious concerns.

No shock absorption - creating impact damage risks

Hyper activity, creating wear on the facet joints

Implant migration, the implant moving into the vertebrae or forward or backwards

Instability complicating multi-level use


Many of these Artificial Disc Replacement options are still in use despite these known risks.


Newer advanced Disc Replacement options resolved these issues and now provide shock absorption, better stability, motion control and improved end plate fixation.


The most advanced of these new disc replacement devices is the Spinal Kinetics M6 Disc Replacement.

Now available for the lumbar and cervical spine and for multi-level Artificial Disc Replacement disc replacement surgeries.


At Stenum Hospital we have many Disc Replacement Success Stories Using the Spinal Kinetics M6 Disc Replacement.

Here are a few of the Stenum Hospital Disc Replacement Success Stories

Brad had Lumbar Disc Replacement at L4-5 L5-S1 in June 2012

I had my multi level Disc Replacement at levels L4/L5 and the L5/S1, procedure was performed June 22, 2012 by Dr. Ritter-Lang, just under eight weeks ago. Today is 10/8/12 and I would consider myself completely healed. For the last two weeks I have been running with my girls on the soccer field and participating in some light gym activities. I don’t think of myself of ever having a back issue anymore. When people ask me about it I tell them my story and their jaws drop because the story doesn’t match the person standing in front of them especially if they see me walking off the soccer field with my girls or after participating in a dance class with both of my daughters.

Andy had M6 Lumbar Disc Replacement L4-5 L5-S1 in 2014
"I would recommend this to anybody that has lower or cervical disc pain it is a miracle what they did for me!"

See his Disc Replacement Success Story and more at

Then of course there is Jim, Jim was the first Disc Replacement Success Story at Stenum Hospital in April 2003 and is now a Patient Consultant for Stenum Hospital and Disc Replacement.

After years of suffering, I avoided fusion, discovered Artificial Disc Replacement, went to Dr. Ritter-Lang and is one of the best Stenum Hospital Success Stories.

6/1/2015 Over 12 years now! Still golfing. I have helped many answer the question why Disc Replacement and most just want Disc Replacement Success, duh! 
1/24/2014 OK almost 11 years now! Still golfing. I have helped thousands avoid fusion and head towards Disc Replacement over the years, it feels good to pay it forward!
02/23/11 Almost 8 years now, golfing, skiing, still limiting lifting to 60lbs to protect my L3-4, all good!

11/3/08 Over 5 years now, golfing, skiing, still limiting lifting to 60lbs to protect my L3-4, all good! I have helped thousands of Americans avoid fusion, and over 800 have gone to over for surgery.
2/11/05 Skiing yesterday! Black diamond slopes, all good today!
4/5/04 One year since Disc Replacement with at Stenum Hospital with Dr. Ritter-Lang!

Life is good, skiing, bike riding, rode all the rollercoasters an Disney World last week, basketball turns out to be a little painful the next day, I can lift 55lbs (my daughter) now, no problem. Disc Replacement is the best thing I ever did for myself!
2/6/04 Skiing has been great! Getting some neck pain from sitting at the computer, working, answering your e-mails, keep them coming, and web design. Life is good!
11/20/03 Over 6 months since my Disc Replacement, all is well, the pulling down my leg is now gone, riding my bike, playing soccer, skiing next week! Still don't think heavy lifting is a good idea, although there is no pain to speak of. No meds, not even a Tylenol!
7/1/03 Well, I am now at 3 months post-op and all is well. I have found that lifting more than 50-60lbs results in some discomfort for a few days. Just being careful works well. No meds, riding my bike and running are OK, golf next?

Learn more about your M6 Artificial Disc Replacement Options and get a free MRI review at

20 Sep 2015

Benefits of Compression Socks

Compression socks are medically designed specialized hosiery that helps promote circulation in your legs. They relieve you from symptoms of leg discomforts and guard you from further progression of leg disorders. They use stronger elastics to create significant pressure on the legs, ankles and feet. These elastic garments compress the limbs and help increase blood flow. In the leg veins, blood must flow upward to the heart. Compression socks apply a certain amount of pressure near your ankle and then apply gradually less and less pressure as they move up the leg. This helps to squeeze blood up the leg from the ankle to the thigh in an effort to counteract pooling of blood in the leg and the resultant swelling. Knee high compression socks helps not only to increase blood circulation but also prevents formation of blood clots in the lower legs.

Therapeutic Effects of Compression socks

Compression socks help improve blood flow in the legs. It gently squeezes the legs to help blood flow up, ad this helps prevent swelling of the legs and to a small extent, blood clots. The right type of compression socks should feel strong around your legs. You will feel the most pressure around your ankles and less pressure higher up your legs. Although remedies such as elevating the feet and legs are helpful, they will not relieve pain for a long time. By compressing the surface veins, arteries and muscles, the circulating blood is forced through narrower circulatory channels. As a result, the arterial pressure is increased and this causes more blood to return to the heart and less blood to collect in the feet. This helps a patient to avoid circulatory problems such as edema, phlebitis and thrombosis.

Doctors prescribe compression socks to people suffering from varicose veins and to people who have had surgery.

Compression socks helps with:

・Tired and aching legs
・Leg swelling
・Preventing blood clots
・Varicose veins
・Active venous ulcer
・Venous insufficiency
・Post-thrombotic syndrome
・Healed venous ulcer

Types Of Compression Socks

There are two types of compression socks:

・ Uniform: Uniform compression socks offer the same compression throughout the leg.
・ Graduated: Graduated compression socks are tighter near the ankle and the pressure decreases gradually as they move up.

There are several styles of compression socks.

・ Pressures - from light pressure to strong pressure
・ Lengths - from knee-high to the top of the thigh or a pantyhose
・ Colors - black compression socks are very popular but colorful compression socks are popular among athletes
・ Sex - different styles are available for both compression socks for men and compression socks for women

You can find a lot of different types of compression socks on retailers like (

Knee high compression socks are generally recommended to prevent or manage signs of chronic venous insufficiency or other causes of lower leg swelling and skin changes. When swelling or varicosities are present above the knee then a thigh, chaps or pantyhose style may be more effective choice. Your healthcare provider will prescribe the right version and pressure for you. Proper fit is essential for compression stockings to work effectively, so measurement should be taken accurately to ensure proper fit.

Benefits Of Compression Socks

Compression socks have previously been used mainly in clinical settings for treating conditions like deep vein thrombosis and to help improve deep venous velocity, venous return and reduce venous pooling in diseased, post-operative and inactive hospitalized patients. Many people wear compression socks to help control swelling or edema in the legs and feet. This common condition is a result of a very wide variety of conditions, and often the result of a condition known as venous insufficiency. However, it is important to understand that compression socks do not typically cure the problem but are highly effective at controlling the excess fluid and minimizing long term complications from it.

Compression Socks for Medical Conditions

Generally, compression socks are used by patients who want to improve the amount of circulation in their feet and legs. When blood circulation becomes less, it causes several types of vein disorders and other circulation disorders, such as:

・ Edema
・ Lymphedema
・ Vein diseases like varicose veins, phlebitis, etc.

Patients with diabetes or circulatory disorders may also consider using these socks. Most diabetic patients will benefit from less swelling when they wear compression socks. However, not all diabetic patients should wear them because if a diabetic patient has severe arterial insufficiency, a compression sock may not be the right treatment.

Pregnant women also suffer from vein conditions as pregnancy increases blood volume and hormones. This may lead to weakened vein walls. Generally, this issue can be treated with compression socks and it will disappear after pregnancy.

Compression Socks for Athletes / Compression Socks for Running

Athletes or people whose job requires long periods of standing also benefit from using this compression socks.

The compression socks provides a consistent compression, which dilates the arterial walls and increases blood flow through them. This helps increase the amount of oxygen and nutrients that flow through the body. Moreover, the velocity of the blood that flows through the veins increases as the vein walls constrict under compression. This helps to increase the rate of muscle recovery and decrease the rate of muscle soreness. Athletes can enhance their performance, recover quickly and feel less fatigue.

Compression socks is beneficial to people who spend most of their working hours sitting or standing, such as nurses, hair - stylists, factory - workers, wait - staff and truck drivers.
Compression Socks for Travelers

Sitting in a plane or car for an extended period of time can wreak havoc on the blood flow especially in your legs. Air travelers benefit from compression hosiery as it relieves discomfort caused due to the cramped seating or being inactive for long hours. Compression socks assist your veins in getting that blood out of your legs and back to your heart.

In general, compression socks benefits people who want to improve circulation. Using compression socks is their first and important step towards leg health.

Find the best compression socks by visiting



04 Sep 2015

Disc Replacement Surgeon Dr. Ritter-Lang presents Disc Replacement study results

Disc Replacement Surgeon Dr. Karsten Ritter-Lang, with his team, presented a report on Outcomes for the Treatment of Degenerative Disc Disease in the Lumbar Spine Using Spinal Kinetics M6 Lumbar Disc Replacement implant at this year's International Society for the Advancement of Spine Surgery, 15th Annual Conference.

At the conference Dr. Karsten Ritter-Lang's team reported significantly decreased back pain in both multi-level and single level artificial disc replacement patients at two years using the Spinal Kinetics M6 Artificial Disc Replacement.

Unlike the early ball-in-socket disc replacement implants this advanced disc replacement implant The Spinal Kinetics M6 Artificial Disc Replacement, now available outside the US, offers improved end-plate fixation, reducing implant migration and the risk of revision surgery. These improved artificial disc replacement products also have motion control, to reduce the post-op hyper-activity and long term complications caused by the early ball-in-socket artificial disc replacement implants. These early implants have been found to stress facet joints, ligaments, and muscles causing future complications. These next generation artificial disc replacement products also have added the safety of shock absorption, to prevent injury to adjacent structures.

The multi-center, single arm, prospective post-market registry study of the Spinal Kinetics M6® Disc Replacement reported on patients who had completed at least 24 months of follow-up. The results of the paired pain tests indicated that both multi-level and single level artificial disc replacement groups were significantly improved after 24 months.

This is the first clinical study to report on two year clinical and radiographic outcomes of Artificial Disc Replacement surgery using the Spinal Kinetics M6 Lumbar disc replacement implant. The results showed significantly decreased back pain, initial device safety and effectiveness when used for the treatment of lumbar degenerative disc disease at one or more lumbar spine levels

Artificial Disc Replacement technology has come a long way and improved artificial disc replacement implants now provide a natural "Quality of Motion" unlike the early ball-in-socket disc replacement designs.

To determine back surgery or neck surgery success rates we also should ask, how do we define success?

If the patient has a perfect surgery without complications this could be considered a successful disc replacement surgery. The surgery has restored the disc height it has decompressed all the nerves and prevented future paralysis. So, the disc replacement was a success, right? Should we consider reduction of back pain or other symptoms? Disc Replacement Surgeon Dr. Ritter-Lang and his team have 100% success since using the Spinal Kinetics Disc Replacement implant. This means No device failures, removals, migrations or complications that resulted in permanent damage or disability. Reduction of back pain and neck pain is measured in other ways.

We must also understand that the statistics include all patients and for some disc replacement surgery was their last hope or they had other surgeries prior. The younger, healthier, single-level patients without previous surgeries will do better and heal faster than many other patients. How fast, how much better depends and how much pain relief depends on many factors. Of course  how skilled the surgeon is greatly effects disc replacement success rates. Success rates will vary widely by surgeon, look for experience. The best hope for a patient is to find a surgeon with peer verified results.

Fusion Surgery or Disc Replacement Surgery?

In the last decades medical technology has moved forward at a faster than ever pace. Yet most spine surgeons remain stuck in the past, limited by regulation they are still using fusion surgery or outdated disc replacement technology.

Due to FDA restrictions, limitations of the approved products, and the inexperience of many surgeons, many patients will be exposed to unnecessary risk, get debilitating fusion surgery, or continue to suffer needlessly. Most, never knowing there are better options available, technology that can preserve the natural motion of the spine, and surgeons with the experience required to help them.

Why avoid fusion surgery?

There are several concerns with spinal fusion. Overall success rates for fusion surgery are very low and the recovery is long and painful. Even after a "successful" spinal fusion, problems begin to develop soon after the surgery. The segments next to the fusion surgery have more forces applied causing "adjacent level degeneration" which studies have shown will lead to additional pain and surgeries.

Why wait? Disc Replacement Surgery with the Spinal Kinetics M6 Artificial Disc Replacement is available now go to


02 Sep 2015

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