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Vaping Caffeine?

Let’s begin with some history of the eCigarette (Electronic Cigarette).

The original eCigs that we are familiar with are a disposable device sold mostly in convenience stores and drug stores. These little gadgets contain nicotine but often do not give the satisfaction of a cigarette because of its low vaping output. They are mass produced and are sold mostly by tobacco companies. Recently, sales have plummeted since the introduction of newer eCig products that have come on the market. Vaping has a new and improved eCigarette. These upgraded versions of eCigs are sold mostly in vape shops or vape stores, or ‘vaping specialty shops’ if you will.

Smoking any type of eCigarette can be called ‘vaping’ because it is essentially inhaling a heated water vapor through a personal tobacco-free vaporizer. It definitely takes the place of smoking. These little devices differ from cigarettes in a big way because they do not contain carcinogens and toxins such as arsenic, lead, cadmium, and pesticides just to mention a few. With vaping, there is no harmful second-hand smoke to annoy others nearby. It’s a win-win situation for the person who chooses to ‘smoke’ but, at the same time is concerned about their health or even the health of the people around them.

Vaping uses eliquids or ejuices that contain nicotine without the tobacco smoke. Vaping nicotine-containing eliquids has become a success because it mirrors the traits of smoking with similar hand movements, inhaling and exhaling, but reduces health concerns since most ejuices contain a mere 4 ingredients. And now, you can also get your caffeine fix with an eCig. And that brings us to your morning cup of Joe.

Let’s face it, some of us have to have both a cigarette and a cup of Joe in the morning. The caffeine hit is okay. The cigarette smoke, not so much. A few years ago, when eCigs came on the market, those little electronic look alike cigarettes helped to boost a person’s chances of quitting smoking for good. They were the alternative to smoking right down to the nicotine content. Some devices offered various flavored ejuices which contain nicotine. And there’s a flavor for every taste including coffee flavor.

Most eliquids contain an organic vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol (not to be confused with diethylene glycol which is antifreeze). Note: Diethylene glycol has been found in mass market electronic cigarettes sold in convenience stores. Buyer beware! Another ingredient is called propylene glycol which is a harmless ingredient found in albuterol, an asthma medication that is safe to inhale. Flavorings are food-quality or food grade – things you probably consume all the time but dont even take the time to think about because they are safe for your body. The final ingredient is pharmaceutical-grade nicotine or caffeine.

Caffeine has been around for years. It's in your coffee, energy drink and even tea.  It’s the wake-up drink of the human race, and it’s the pick-me-up drink for that afternoon slump when it seems like you lost all your energy and you want to just take a nap. Can’t get moving until that first cup of Joe? Can’t stay moving without a little boost? Most of us have had those energy slumps or we know someone who has. Caffeine gives you just the right kick start to get you moving no matter what time of day. And now it’s an ejuice ingredient. No coffee beans, no brewing time, no hot beverage to spill. With caffeinated ejuices, you have the energy to start your day! A 12-ounce cup of coffee contains between 95 and 200 milligrams of caffeine, where as a standard ‘serving’ of inhaled caffeine is roughly 20 to 40 milligrams, with each caffeinated puff containing about two milligrams. This can be lower or higher as needed. Need a little more pick me up, turn up the juice.

The doorway to vaping is wide open. Your vapor store can assist you with your needs and answer all of your questions. Find out how vaping can improve your health by eliminating tobacco products. It’s all about the ejuices, the vapor strength, and the flavors, and now the caffeinated boost.

Whichever vaping solution you decide to try, it is good to make sure you educate yourself on the products before using them.  If you can't find the information you are looking for on the internet, visit your local vape shop and ask one of their knowledgeable staff.


09 Oct 2015

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