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Why Online Customers Choose to Abandon Their Shopping Carts

Imagine seeing an online customer reach the checkput page only to end up clicking out. This can be detrimental to e-commerce sites and must be quickly addressed. Shopping cart abandoment has become so common that it happens 70% of the time. Now,with your corporate SEO training,you’ll know that

even half of these numbers can be significant when turned into actual sales. So,why exactly do online shoppers not push through with their purchase?

Having to register or create an account

Online shopping is all about speed and convenience. So,instead of making your customers go through several steps and having to create a new account before making a purchase,make sure to offer guest checkout.

Not enough payment options

Because not all potential customers own debit or credit cards,make sure to provide as many payment options as you can. PayPal may be the most popular option in the US and UK,but consider having other options for local preferences as well. This is especially important if you offer worldwide shipping.

Not being upfront with the shipping costs

Many customers decide whether to complete their purchase or not usually based on two things: shipping times and costs. But,many online shop owners make the mistake of not revealing the total shipping costs until customers have reached the checkout page. That’s why it’s very common for customers to abandon their carts no matter how much they need or want the items if they realize that the actual costs way too high. For international purchases,they sometimes have to pay for additional taxes as well.

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18 Aug 2020

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